Virtual Worlds and Higher Education

New Media Consortium Symposium on Creativity in Second Life

Flickr slideshow

Virtual Worlds: What are they?"

Wikipedia: Virtual Worlds

Why Virtual Worlds? Creativity, Collaboration, Community

Do Schools Kill Creativity? Sir Ken Robinson (TEDtalks video) (3 mins 18 secs)

Creativity, Collaboration, Community in Second Life

Exploring Virtual Worlds (3 mins)

Educators Coop: Exploring Virtual Worlds

Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life (3 mins 25 secs)


Science in Second Life wiki

Blending Realities(3 mins 45 secs)

Watch the World(s) (Robbie Dingo) (4 mins 17 secs)

Digital Double (Robbie Dingo's blog)

UK Post-Secondary Education Institutions in Second Life

A July 2007 snapshot of UK HE and FE activity in Second Life

Eduserv in Second Life

The Future?


Photosynth on MS Live

MultiTouch Screen (Jeff Han)

Perceptive Pixel

Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote (Johnny Lee)



Review of James Paul Gee "What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy"

Other Online Resources

Massively Multiplayer Online Game Data

Boracay Wiki SLmetrics for Boracay

SimTeach Wiki

SLeducation Wiki

NMC Campus Wiki

MIT on Second Life

Info Islands funded by the Alliance Library System

English Village

Global Kids: Digital Media Initiative

Pacific Rim X (US-Japan schools collaboration)

Slideshare Presentations on Virtual Worlds

Slideshare Presentations on Second Life links for Second Life Education links for Virtual Worlds

Second Life Economy

Virtual Worlds

Second Life ( System requirements download )


Open Croquet


Active Worlds

Sun Microsystems MKP20

Virtual Worlds Comparison Chart

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