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Second Life Economy

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Debunking 5 Business Myths about Second Life

How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life

Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Light

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Project Ideas

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  • Research and produce a business plan for a new business in Second Life - research customer (resident) needs in Second Life, find a niche and produce a business plan, even start the company! (see example below - SLeuth)

  • Investigate and report on the (perceived/actual) ROI / value-added of a particular business organization or a business sector in Second Life (e.g. IBM, Reuters, Microsoft, Toyota, etc)

  • Investigate and report on why a business corporation has left Second Life (i.e. what type of ROI / value-added failed to materialize and why (e.g. Starwood Hotels, Wells Fargo)

  • Investigate and report on the Second Life economy. How comparable is it to real world economies? What factors influence LindEx? etc

  • Investigate and report on virtual property in Second Life (the first virtual world US$ millionaire was virtual property tycoon, Anshe Chung and she was featured on the cover of BusinessWeek)

  • Investigate and report on (the potential for) specific business practices in second life e.g recruitment, virtual teamwork, etc

Example of Student Team Projects in Virtual Worlds (Second Life)

COMM 334: Virtual Worlds Promotions (Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas) Project Assignment

SLeuth Virtual World Education


Projects in North Carolina State University's College of Management

Prof Claudia Kimbrough has her marketing classes engaged in activities in Second Life.

"This past summer, two classes of undergraduate marketing students working with several pilot projects in Second Life learned about the collaborative opportunities of a virtual environment as well as its marketing and creative potential,”


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